About me

Hi! I'm Shelly - mother of 5 and wife to the best man in the world. We love to play games and watch movies together. I have a passion for crafting in all it's forms - sewing, scrapbooking, bow making, painting, mod podge, you name it and I'll try it. Hope you enjoy our family adventures and crafts!

How I Became Shared Jelly

When my husband and I first got married we used to get messages on our answering machine for "Shared" and "Jelly" instead of Jared and Shelly. The first time we chuckled a little over it and by the fourth or fifth time, we decided the name should stick somewhere. And so, I've been sharing jelly all over the internet since. Enjoy!


Sunday, February 28, 2010


YES!  That's right, I've been nesting and this time it's in the form of sewing.  Here are some things I've made for the baby:

The hats are reversible. That's why there are two pictures.

Monday, February 15, 2010


 Jared and I got a babysitter on Saturday night and went out to dinner and ice cream.  It was great and much needed get-away time since he's been working really long hours at his new job.  I love him so much.  I am so happy that even after 9 years, we still get excited to be together and love each other more all the time.  He truly is the only man I could ever imagine being with for the rest of my life.  

Then for the kids, we had pink homemade bread with peanut butter and jelly.  I cut their oranges and melons out in heart-shapes and made jello jigglers hearts, too:

Jared made me some fabulous Italian gnocchi and the kids spaghetti.  We topped off the night with heart-shaped sugar cookies complete with frosting and sprinkles.  It was a really nice day! Thanks, honey!  I love you!